Coconut Patties

I knew my coconut loving family would enjoy these…they didn’t even suggest that next time I should dip them in chocolate…they loved them on their own…the flavor, the texture, and the soft chewy center…oh and let’s not forget the sanding sugar crunch on top!

These are macaroons at its core with the unsweetened coconut, egg whites, and sugar, but the technique we used was French and they were flavored with lemon extract and lime zest.

To get the great texture of these cookies, we used an interesting method. The coconut and egg whites are stirred into a pan with lime zest infused sugar, and cooked over low heat for 5-8 minutes until the coconut is very warm. The mixture is placed in a bowl…vanilla and lemon extract are added, plastic against its surface…and into the fridge it goes,…for a minimum of five hours 😳. This takes some planning.

We are told when we are ready to bake, to form balls and then create the patty in baking rings but I don’t have those so I just rolled the batter into balls and then pressed down with my fingers to get a patty. The dough was slightly sticky so it worked just fine. The patties are then topped with sanding sugar and popped into the 300 degree oven for 20-30 minutes…mostly to dry them out since they are fully cooked from the saucepan. They are done when they are slightly firm and just lightly brown here and there.

My husband, son and his fiancé LOVED these!…as I knew they would. I shared them with my other tasters, who love coconut, telling her I was fairly certain she and her family would love them. I got a text back a little while later:

Love, love, love them!!

These were an all around winner…a keeper for sure!

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