Pecan-Brown Sugar Crack-Ups

“More crumble than cookie” we are told. Basically a shortbread, but with the dough’s resemblance to a streusel, we are to make these into broken cookie size bites.

I was thinking they would be more of a cracker consistency, but really mine turned out more like thin cookie bars…not that anyone was complaining haha. Maybe I should have dropped the dough by bits into the 9×13 pan instead of pressing…might have given more of an appearance of a struesel.

What I loved about these, other than the simplicity and ease to make them, was the fact that they really are a party cookie! When I pulled my parchment paper out of the pan and onto the cookie rack, the cookies broke apart themselves…and I took the picture. I loved the unevenness of all the pieces, and my family loved the interactive nature of eating the cookies from the broken slab…maybe we are all just a little bored these days haha. The only negative thing they said was that because they werent portioned out in “cookies” you loose track of how much you are eating and because they are so tasty, you keep eating…breaking of a piece or crumb here and there haha. 😂

These were really tasty and most of us commented on loving the added saltiness on top. I would totally make these again, really only needing to make sure I buy pecans for it..the rest…flour, cornstarch, butter, brown sugar, eggs, and fleur de sel are things I usually have on hand.

These are a keeper!

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