Chocolate Chip Not-Quite Mandelbrot

Long name for a delicious cookie! We will be calling them “the soft biscotti” from now on in my family haha.

Seems like the best place to start is with, what is “Mandelbrot”?

Dorie tells us,

“The literal translation of Mandelbrot is “almond bread”, a name that gives no hint that it defines a twice-baked cookie. Popular among Ashkenazi Jews, the cookie has all the characteristics of a biscotti- it’s baked in a log, sliced and baked again. That these Mandelbrot are made without mandel, or almonds, is a technicality to be glossed over.”

What makes this “biscotti” different than the usual ones you eat, is that they are more like cake and not hard and dry. This particular recipe is speckled with mini chocolate chips and then what takes it to another level, is that the cookies are dusted with cinnamon sugar on both bakes…once on top and then again on the cut side during the second bake. I am not sure we had an appreciation of the chocolate and cinnamon combo before, but that is a really good match!

These were loved by all who I was able to share them with…which was a lot. I didn’t quite get the 60 it states but a good 30 anyway and that made way for some good sharing. 😍 I can definitely see myself making these again…easy, with ingredients usually found on hand AND everyone loved them…this one is a keeper!

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