Matcha-White Chocolate Mini Mads

My “mini mads” became full mads haha since I only had a regular size madeleine pan. I figured it wouldn’t matter except for the amount of cookies I was able to get…and it was substantially less. The other thing that was interesting was I cooked them for the lowest amount of time suggested, and they turned out a little too brown I think…but surprisingly, it didn’t seem to affect the taste.

We are told that while these cookies don’t have the traditional flavor composition, their shell shape and sponge texture are models of the genre…and I would agree.

Matcha green tea is among the most prized and expensive of Japanese’s teas…it is powdered rather than a leaf tea and apparently has a culinary grade, rather than ceremonial, that we are to use with these cookies. Even at that, the matcha was quite pricey…even for the smallest pouch. The hidden ingredient though, that shines in these cookies isn’t really the matcha or the white chocolate…it is the lime zest. That is the flavor that seemed to come through to all of us.

I wasn’t sure my investment in the matcha would be worth it if we didn’t enjoy these cookies enough to make them again, but you know what, we really did like and enjoy these. I would certainly make them again…probably doubling the recipe next time, and using up the rest of my tea.

When I started this journey many years ago, I had decided within reason I would get what I needed to participate if I didn’t have the right tools or ingredients just so I could fully appreciate the experience…score on the madeleine pan from way in the beginning, and now the matcha tea 😄

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