Peanut Brownie Sablés

Dorie tells us this cookie is a “combination of a French shortbread and an American brownie…with texture a little sandy here, a little fudgy there”. I was intrigued, I mean chocolate and peanut butter are a fantastic pairing.

The interesting thing about this recipe was it really is a combination…we are asked to make two distinct cookie doughs and then mix them together.

Doesn’t that beg the question, “Can’t I just mix all the ingredients together?” It is an interesting question, and on the surface the answer seems to say what is the difference..sure go ahead, but I was wondering…maybe it is the elementary teacher in me, but I was thinking this would have been a great Science Fair Project haha. Perfect question to test and see if there were any differences to the final product.

My thought was that, each recipe had specific instructions such as chilled butter or room temp butter, full egg beaten or egg yolk room temp. Doesn’t all of that impact the composition of the dough in question. The sugars would cream differently with the two different butters…different consistencies for example. Would all of these minor differences make a change to the overall composition of the combined dough?? I don’t know haha but it sure had me thinking.

Being the rule following person that I am 🤷‍♀️, I chose to make the cookies as directed…two distinct doughs mixed at the end together. I have no idea if there would be any noticeable differences had I made it all combined…and I don’t think I will be making these again to test my theory haha so I will have to see what you all have to say about that.

These cookies were good and we all really liked them but I would have to say though, I was feeling a little underwhelmed at the lack of chocolate taste given all the cocoa and chocolate included. I think the peanut flavor was definitely dominate….which is fine, but not when you are expecting a chocolate punch haha!

So, my professional, fellow bakers…what would be the verdict on the method of combined dough? 😂😂

3 thoughts on “Peanut Brownie Sablés

  1. I usually follow the rules but sometimes my lazy self doesn’t. I am always baffled by the directions for warm eggs or butter and then having to chill the dough. Let us know if you make a batch and go rouge.

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