Major Grey’s Roll-Ups

This recipe comes to us in the “Cocktail Cookies” section of our cookbook. You can think of these cookies more as an appetizer or snack rather than a dessert since these are more salty and savory than sweet.

There are a few surprises in these cookies that make them quite unique. Dorie created them as a tribute to a popular canapé while she was growing up that used Triscuits, spread with cream cheese and then topped with Major Grey’s Chutney. I personally had never heard of Major Grey’s Chutney and had to look it up to see what it was. 😳

Interestingly, it is a wonder I have never heard of it after reading of its popularity!

“Major Grey’s Chutney is considered by many the gold standard of all chutneys. Complete with its own legend of a 19th-century British Army officer (of the same name) who presumably lived in British India and created this unique condiment made of fruits, vegetables and spices. Using plenty of mangos, red peppers and a variety of seasoning and spices, we created our own delicious version of this timeless classic. Being both sweet and savory it pairs well with smoked meats or strong cheeses and tastes great added to dips, grilled chicken or your favorite vinaigrette recipe.

These cookies are made with a traditional rugelach cream cheese dough and look similar as well, but Triscuits are added in the food processor giving an interesting texture and saltiness. The dough is rolled out and chilled and then a mixture of the chutney and Dijon mustard is spread out on top before cutting and rolling.

These cookies had mixed reviews…people either really liked them or just thought they were ok. I kept telling everyone that they are a “savory cookie”…that there is no sugar, but I think they were still caught off guard and didn’t know what to make of them. I actually liked them but I knew what to expect haha. I think if they were served on a cheese platter while sipping wine…they would have been a hit. 👍

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