Lucky Charm Brownies

When I saw the name of this recipe, I was picturing having to go through a box of cereal to get a cup of the Lucky Charm marshmallows to mix into the batter haha.

I was wrong. These are an almond flavored brownie that brings about such joy, that Dorie thought of them as a lucky charm…hence the name.

This brownie is different…both with the ingredients and texture. We used almonds, eggs, sugar, butter, melted chocolate, and amaretti cookies which are an imported Italian almond cookie. The batter is whirled together in a food processor to get everything finely ground and then baked. After cooling, the brownies are glazed with a chocolate ganache and then topped with crushed amaretti cookie crumbles and set to chill for about 30 min. I thought I would have trouble cutting these and getting nice squares, but no problem. I found these to cut more like fudge than a regular brownie.

These were a hit with just about everyone I had taste them…16 people this time! They were different than what you would expect and had a strong almond flavor due to the amaretti cookies both in the brownie and on top. I think everyone thought they were a good change.

Me…I am just not that sophisticated I guess because I think you shouldn’t mess with a regular brownie haha everyone else said this one was definitely a keeper.

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