Chocolate-Cranberry and Almond Cookies

This cookie recipe tells us we are in for a surprise…extra flavor and texture. The dried cranberries and sweet almond meringue crunch offer a sophistication to a plain chocolate cookie base.

We start with a “Do-Almost-Anything Chocolate Cookie Dough” consisting of the usual flour, sugar, eggs, cocoa ingredients. Once you have the base made, we add in dried cranberries that have been chopped and steeped in hot water for 10 minutes. The dough is rolled out between parchment paper and put in the freezer for a minimum of 1 hour. After chilling time, the dough is cut into 2in circles and topped with an almond crunch made from sliced/slivered almonds coated in confectioners sugar and egg white. The cookies are then baked for 20min…which i thought was a long time for cookies.

The outcome is a cookie with interesting texture just like Dorie told us they would be…imagine that haha There is a chewiness to these, that is addicting actually. We decided these cookies would be the perfect addition to coffee and tea as they aren’t really an overly sweet cookie.

I don’t know why, but I usually find myself comparing cookies to just the old fashion chocolate chip cookie and I still think those are hard to beat haha

Happy New Year everyone!

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