Mint Chocolate Sablés

What is not to love about a mint and chocolate combo right?! They seem to be a perfect match and these cookies confirm that thought…and the mint was just the perfect amount, a hint…not over powering.

These have full chocolate flavor with cocoa and coarsely chopped dark chocolate…along with a full two sticks of butter…they are Sablés after all.

I did change one thing. We are told to cut these cookies out and then place them in a muffin tin to cook…I was guessing to keep their shape. I tried it in my mini pan thinking it would make bite size cookies which would be a good thing. I had assumed the cookies would melt down and fill the tin, but that didn’t really happen so on the next few batches I just cut them into circles and baked. Worked just fine and much less hassel.

Everyone loved these.

4 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate Sablés

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