Carrément Chocolat, The Fancy Cake

We left the showstopper for last!

This is our final bake today in our cookbook Baking Chez Moi. We began the journey with our first post Nov. 11, 2014…almost 6 years to the day. It is hard to believe, and a little bittersweet. Twice a month for 6 years and we are done! This is my second full cookbook I have baked through with these lovely ladies in my baking group…the first being Baking With Julia. We are currently baking in two others, so the fun will not be stopping any time soon. Thank goodness, because I just love this creative outlet…and I know my tasters love it too! 😂

This cake was a great one to leave for last…it definitely has the wow factor. There are a lot of steps, and it takes a long time…but nothing is terribly hard.

Dorie tells us this cake, in traditional French fashion, is a low cake but that if we want a taller gâteau, we can double the cake layers. I only have one 8in cake pan so I made the one layer and thought oh wow that is pretty thin, especially for sharing so I went ahead and made another layer. Interestingly, the batter is created in a food processor and processed for 6 min until the mixture is light, liquidy, and full of bubbles.

After baking the cakes, I went on to make…what we thought was the best part…the salted chocolate shards, and then the chocolate filling and chocolate ganache glaze. This cake screams chocolatey goodness. There is some assembling and chilling required…and then the unveiling.

It really is a beautiful cake.

Everyone loved this…I mean, what is not to love…unless you are not a chocolate fan…and I just don’t understand that 😂😂. We were surprised that the cake was not overly sweet or chocolatey! I was thinking…by the amount of chocolate used in this cake and all it’s parts it would border on too rich to finish, but that was just not the case.

Very gourmet. Very bakery-like.

What a way to end it…congrats TWD group! I can’t believe we are finished. 🎉🎉🎉

5 thoughts on “Carrément Chocolat, The Fancy Cake

  1. A huge accomplishment. Your cake came out perfect and I am glad the crowd liked it. I don’t understand the chocolate haters either:) I am glad you are going to continue with the two other books. Our little group is sure fun to be with. See you next week.

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