Triple-Layer Parsnip and Cranberry Cake

This is one of the grandest looking cakes I have made. We are told it “blares ‘Celebration’!” and now after making it, I totally see why.

We are told it is “full of flavor, based on nuts cranberries and grated parsnips, a vegetable that might not spring to mind immediately when you are thinking cake”. We have 3 cakes that are layered with a cream cheese frosting and also a gingered-cranberry jam. It is then finished with a barely there coating of frosting on the side and topped with sugared cranberries, which I think steal the show.

I made this cake over two days, taking the tip from Dorie and that helped a lot with this cake. It also allowed for the assembling and chilling to be done for a perfect time to share on the second day. There is nothing terribly hard about this recipe, but it does take time.

I have to tell you, there was nothing really that excited me about this cake. 😳. I am not a fan of most of the ingredients and I have never bought or tasted parsnips so I just didn’t know what to expect…it didn’t help that it was likened to a carrot cake..which I am not a fan, nor are most of my family and tasters.

And yet…

This cake smelled heavenly while baking! It looked beautiful when finished and really does make you happy as Dorie pointed out in her intro. We all gave it a try, and would you believe…apparently we are all big parsnip fans 😂😂. This cake was divine…I mean absolutely delicious. Everyone loved it…and was equally shocked by the look and taste. This is the type of cake I would say would be worth the effort to make for a gathering. It is that good…and so, so unexpected.

What a keeper!

6 thoughts on “Triple-Layer Parsnip and Cranberry Cake

  1. I agree, this was definitely worth the effort. Like you, I made it over a period of two days which simplified the “project.” And, yes, from collecting the ingredients to delivering it to The Gant’s front office staff for Thanksgiving was a Task but definitely a task worth doing. Of the many recipes I have made and shared with The Gant personnel (my willing tasters) over the past 7 years, this was the clear AHA Moment – the best they’d tasted. I also baked 18 little mini bundt cakes and just made the sauce to pour over the top. I had cute little boxes and containers for the cake/sauce and delivered them to all my friends in the Valley I knew were alone. It was a project on a holiday I was alone and made me feel good and useful. Used carrots instead of parsnips for these little babies. Safe holidays to you both. Didn’t you just love those sugared cranberries?

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