Parisian Macarons


Anyone who has watched many baking shows knows…

This is a recipe you approach with respect. This is a technical bake…one where any number of things can go wrong…at any number of times along the way.

I have to say, I was intimidated.

I did my research on this one. I read and re-read the four pages of the recipe. I bought silicon mats, a pastry bag and tip…no using a ziplock this time haha. I found which food coloring is best to use to not add more moisture to the batter. I tried to set myself up for success and I was still nervous.

Rightfully so, right??

These are hard…they take a long time. You have to be patient and vigilant and watchful the whole time…and then after all that time, it comes down to that one moment…

Did I get the foot?!!!


My husband was quite baffled. I had to explain the success or failure had to do solely on the dang foot haha.

I have to say, I was so much more relieved than excited that I got it. Phew!! Interestingly, I got the better foot on the shells that were my overflow batch that were baked on parchment paper. I guess I didn’t need the silicon mats after all haha.

I told all my tasters…Dorie says it is imperative to let them sit for 24 hours before eating them. That was hard for everyone BUT I am guessing well worth the wait because everyone absolutely loved these saying they were the perfect texture…professional even! “FIRE” (that would be my son ๐Ÿ˜‚)


I am grateful these turned out….it would have been disappointing otherwise…and we all know it takes a little luck for it to go your way. I think I would be less intimidated the next time. These are quite a show stopping cookie…and taste great, but I don’t think these will become a go to cookie for me. I can’t take the stress haha.

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