Macaron Biscotti

This was an easy one to complete…we used macarons from our last recipe…a two for one haha.

This is more of a suggestion as a new way to use the macaron shells rather than a true recipe. We are to fully dip the cookies into melted butter and then bake them again. The butter bubbles and spits around the edges of the macarons…soaking it up as they rest and cool on the counter.

The shells take on a new texture and color…these look brown and chocolatey but they are the same purple ones I used in the previous recipe.

Baked this way, the cookies lose their classic crunchy/chewy macaron texture and take on a taste and feel more like shortbread. They were good, but after all the work went into making the classic macaron, I am not sure I could appreciate turning it into a crunchy cookie haha. I can’t say I would ever make macarons to then turn them into biscotti haha. So although good, I can’t see myself making these again.

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