Olive Oil and Wine Cookies

These cookies are a specialty of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France. We are told it is one of the non-butter regions of the country and known for its vast vineyards…so not surprising then to have cookies made with olive oil and white wine.

These are similar to the Canistrelli cookies we made last month, but these have a distinctive shape and are made without any added liqueur to flavor the cookies….just flour, sugar, olive oil, vanilla, and white wine….and then rolled in sugar.

The dough is interesting…very stretchy and spongey. I am not sure I have come across anything similar. I was intrigued but then had some trouble working with it to get the desired shape. We are given pretty specific instructions on how to achieve the thick middle and tapered ends. I tried to make them the way we are told for the first dozen but the dough would crack and not roll too easily. For the second batch, I modified my rolling system and just did it in the air using my fingers on both hands…one on each side twisting and rolling to achieve the tell-tale look. It seemed to work much better for me.

I think we were more open-minded with trying these cookies after the Canistrelli last month which we really enjoyed. I think I actually preferred these…which is really weird since they really are so similar haha.

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