Salted-Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundaes

I absolutely love baking and creating desserts with my two baking groups…it has become a passion and wonderful hobby…but anyone who TRULY knows me, knows my favorite dessert is ice cream…specifically ice cream with chocolate of some sort haha. So this recipe was screaming my name.

Dories shares with us that this sundae has everything needed for perfection…good ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and crunch…and that we will experience the childish joy of a sundae with a touch of grand sophistication. Sounds great to me! 😍

Although this seems more like a put together recipe, there are homemade steps which really amp up this sundae…and make me wonder why I haven’t done this before!

It is suggested we use coffee and vanilla flavored ice cream…not my favorites but I went with it to see what all this “perfection” was about before I messed with the design. We make our own salted chocolate bits, which were utterly amazing and I will continue to make, and also a hot fudge sauce, which also was incredible and not that difficult.

I feel like the picture does not fully capture the layers of goodness in this dessert. We are told to start with some chocolate bits and almonds, then a scoop of coffee ice cream. Pour over some hot fudge, chocolate bits, and almonds and then layer again with the vanilla…repeat the toppings again finishing with whipped cream if you like. We went with one scoop of each but we are encouraged to use as many as you would like 😍

This sundae was absolutely fantastic!

My husband said I can make this anytime I would like. 😂. He loved it…we both did. The addition of the salted chocolate bits took this sundae to a whole new level…I guess that is the grand sophistication! We also loved the vanilla and coffee was the perfect pairing to the rich chocolate fudge and bits. I wouldn’t change a thing the next time I make this…I wouldn’t want to mess with perfection. Dorie was right!

This one is a keeper!

*update: I have now made this twice and it was a hit the second time around…with different people. This one is a winner.

6 thoughts on “Salted-Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundaes

  1. You and I share our love of ice cream and chocolate. I am glad that the repeats keep coming, everyone needs a good sundae now and again. My family was purest and wanted vanilla only.

  2. How fun was this ? Not only easy but delicious and an excuse to HAVE to buy more ice cream that I love lol. Granted this out me in a great mood to do a review but I honestly was chuckling at how I never thought to serve something like this to company. No idea why not but I always think of “cake” or such. No more however !! Loved hearing that you enjoyed the NE and will hit Wilcoxs next time – you will love it. Their salted caramel is my favorite and is frankly dangerous. Loved your compliment of our being friends If we lived closer – doesn’t get nicer than that THANK YOU !

  3. I also liked everything about this luscious sundae. I do think there was a step or two that I could have simplified so am looking forward to when I can share this with others when we’re through this virus. With every recipe I make of Dorie’s I’ve always made her version first and then improvise or change techniques or ingredients after that. Like you, I didn’t think the coffee/vanilla combo was a great idea but it was delicious. I’m not so sure I would change that. Pretty photo.

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