These little bits of goodness are a dessert made without butter or eggs, and are to be homey and rustic in every way.

The little bit of fat that is used, comes from olive oil…the flavoring from white wine and Pastis, anise, or licorice flavored liqueur…in my case Limoncello since fellow baker Diane suggested it and that is what I had and thought my family would enjoy. 😃

Super easy to make…basically mix it all up, cut into random shapes/sizes, dip in sugar and bake until golden. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

These cookies are both crunchy and cakey and also, thick and chunky…and yet light.

They are meant to be more of a savory cookie with a touch of sweetness. The limoncello was just a hint…really good but I probably could have bumped that up a little more.

These really surprised us…so simple, but flavorful and interesting at the same time. They were a hit with everyone.

I have more uplifting, good news to share…our son and his long time girlfriend got engaged last week! 🎉🎉. We couldn’t be happier! ❤️❤️

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