Double-Mint Milk Chocolate Mousse and Gelée

Dorie tells us this recipe has its origin in Paris…a mousse with a secret only revealed when you push your spoon to the bottom. Beneath the layers of foamy mousse, you have a layer of jiggly mint gelée. A dessert with texture and a pop. None of my tasters had ever had a dessert like this which makes for a great adventure.

I did have some issues heading into this one. I do not like using eggs that aren’t cooked and this one has egg whites whipped to a merengue and then folded into the chocolate. I reached out to my fellow bakers to see what my options are to use eggs so they are safe. Diane was so helpful steering me to a site that explains how to pasteurize your own eggs to make them “safe” but not hard boil them. Worked like a charm. Thank you Diane!!

This one did have a number of steps that were deceivingly time consuming. Nothing hard, but you don’t just throw this one together. I think it seems very elegant, something you would have at a restaurant.

So, when you use the herb, mint…which apparently I have not…it is spearmint rather than peppermint. I think we all expected peppermint so were a little thrown off. Kind of like that rare occurrence when you have chocolate mint ice cream at an ice cream parlor and it is spearmint 😳.

Just doesn’t go.

I mean why mess with the perfect combo of chocolate and peppermint right?!! I feel like all of my tasters would have loved this dessert if I had swapped the mint out for peppermint extract.

As strange as the gelatin and mousse combo sounded…that actually worked. It was oddly addictive haha.

All in all, a fun one to try but I guess we learned collectively we are a peppermint group. 😂😂. Easy fix moving forward if we wanted this one again.

On a side note, our daughter got married 2 weeks ago. 🎉🎉. What a journey it has been these last few months with the ever changing restrictions we have had here in California. Their wedding didn’t look much like what had been planned for almost a year but you know what, there is beauty and blessing to be found in any circumstance. They had held firm they wanted to be married on the date they had chosen a year ago, regardless of what it ended up looking like, which was inspiring and so mature. Our son used a line from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in his Best Man speech:

Love wins! It was the perfect day…and almost makes you wonder why we didn’t plan it the way it ended up, in the first place. #microwedding #partyof15

7 thoughts on “Double-Mint Milk Chocolate Mousse and Gelée

  1. Oh interesting re: the eggs – have you made other Dorie mousses because they tend to not “cook” the eggs either. Our eggs (here) are pasteurized – are yours not? Re the mint, my mint plant was just labelled as “mint” and next to it at the garden centre there was “spearmint” … But I can imagine that wasn’t a nice surprise. Spearmint is definitely not what you’d be expecting! Def make it again using extract if you haven’t got fresh mint (would be easier, less time for infusing etc…). I liked the mousse but could have done without the gelée. AND – GORGEOUS photo ! Congrats to your daughter – we all need more happy content in these times!

  2. Thank you for sharing the photo such a lovely day. I am so glad that they went ahead with the big day. I am happy my egg tip worked out for you. I look forward to making this one and seeing where we land with the whole mint issue.

    • I am so glad you shared your insight with me…thank you! I am so glad they went ahead with the day as well…especially now since we just don’t know when this will be ending. It would be such a waiting game.

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