Ladyfingers, we are told, are the ultimate companion. They are fine on their own, but they are best alongside something else…and the options are many. Whether it be chocolate or vanilla pastry cream or part of a more dramatic layered trifle with berries, these ladyfingers will make you believe nothing compares to these tender, light, sponge-cake ones you make at home.

After I tasted one plain, I had this exact thought…why would I ever buy sponge-cake for desserts when you can easily make these at home?? Truly, these don’t compare to store bought and the best part is they weren’t difficult or time consuming and very little ingredients are needed!

I am a believer and will make these again! We had ours for dessert in a “make-your-own berry trifle” with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and whip cream. It was 98 degrees at our house today, so this was the perfect summer night treat.

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