Tea and Honey Pots de Crème

We have made a few of these “Pots de Crème” and they are always a hit…this one did not disappoint! My husband and son loved this one as well!

This one has flavorings of tea, honey, and vanilla…although neither my husband nor my son could name any flavor they were tasting. They said it was entirely unique to anything they have had before. In fact my husband said he loved trying something he has never tasted before, which made me laugh because I am quite the opposite…I like having what I know I will already enjoy 😂😂…which usually will involve chocolate!

The recipe called to steep 3 tea bags in the milk, cream, and sugar, but since the cookies we just made had such a faint tea flavoring, I upped the tea bags to 5. Not sure it made much difference but I had practically the whole box still of the Green Tea Orange Passionfruit Jasmine, so why not.

These were super easy to make and got such a great reaction, I may make these again to use up the tea I have left haha!

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

6 thoughts on “Tea and Honey Pots de Crème

  1. I agree with your sentiments on chocolate! Glad these were a hit for you. Pots de creme have sure been a hit with my family. I may have to try these tea ones as everyone seems to like them.

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