This was a great one…fun, interesting, educational, and delicious!

I had never heard of Cannelés…and neither had any of my tasters. We were all new to this centuries old French dessert. We learn the name comes from shape of the molds they are baked in…”channeled”. I did not have a mold so thank goodness for Amazon. I searched and there, just like that, appeared a few options for me. I have had to buy very few tools to bake all these years in this group so I figured it was worth the few dollars to have my Cannelés mold….otherwise I would have to sit this one out. I went with the mini-silicon.

The batter it really quite simple with eggs, milk, sugar, flour, butter and then rum and vanilla for flavor. It is a thin batter that sits for 12+ hours in the fridge before using. The molds also have to sit in the freezer for 30+ min so this isn’t really a dessert you throw together.

The only thing I didn’t like about this dessert is feeling the need to explain to everyone, “they are suppose to look burnt” 😳…I mean to be honest when you get the blackened bottom and mahogany sides with just a peak of the yellow on the top center…it does look overdone…very. We are told though, that the dark and firm exterior gives way to the custardy, chewy interior. So I took my first bite quite apprehensively…but wow, they were amazing and really not like anything I have had before.

So, since I had tried them and found them to be strangely addicting, it was easy to sell them to my family and tasters. Everyone LOVED them and said the same things…how interesting, different, and delicious they were!

These were a perfect example of what I have loved about being a part of this wonderful baking group! Funny side story, I had to go buy the rum for this recipe. I have found it easiest to go to a local wine shop that has mini bottles of alcohol. I bought three for different baking needs. As I checked out, I was asked if I was leaving in a plane soon 😳🤦‍♀️ umm, no, just baking haha.

This one is a keeper!

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