Pasta with Shrimp, Squash, Lemon, and lots of Herbs

This recipe is described as a quick toss-together kind of dinner with ingredients normally found in the fridge. My kind of week night dinner!

Although there is squash, tomato, shrimp, pasta, and herbs, the lemons are really the star of the show. You use every part of them…the zest, the juice, and the empty halves are even boiled along with the pasta. I have never done that before!

Unfortunately for us, the lemon became the overpowering flavor…the only flavor. We really could only taste lemon and the kick the cayenne pepper gave. I was disappointed as we have loved every recipe from this cookbook so far, and we love everything in this dish. It just didn’t come together as well as we would have liked.

Can’t really complain though when we have been on quite the run of amazing recipes. 😃 I have re-made many of the dishes we have made so far. This just won’t be added to the list…or at least won’t be made with as much lemon next time 😂.

7 thoughts on “Pasta with Shrimp, Squash, Lemon, and lots of Herbs

  1. Lucky that I love lemon, huh? Never seem to get too much of it. That’s an easy fix for you, Goodbye one lemon. What I really did like about it is you got alotta bang for the buck. Easy, fast and pretty. Not sure that it’s a winter dish but it worked.

  2. This recipe used A LOT of lemons, so I can see how you might find it overpowering. I liked how bright and light it was for a winter meal. Happy New Year!

  3. I could not believe how much lemon was used in this, in and so many ways. I was actually happy to try the recipe simply to see the results ! I am not a big enough fan of lemon to likely revisit this but I love the take away of flavoring the water and adding extra flavoring (if not lemon next time….) to the serving bowl. Always an adventure !

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