Sweet and Smoky Roasted Carrots

I love roasted vegetables…I roast them all the time.

This recipe got me thinking though, I don’t recall ever roasting carrots 😳. I am not even sure why. I guess I tend to eat them raw or cut up in salads. I think this recipe has altered my way of thinking. Roasted carrots are quite remarkable…and like other roasted vegetables, take on quite a different flavor after roasting.

This recipe is centered mostly on the spicy syrup and yogurt sauce. The carrots are roasted, for about an hour coated in a spicy mixture consisting of smoked paprika, cider vinegar, salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, honey, and olive oil. Part of this is reserved to flavor the yogurt and also drizzle upon finishing. We are encouraged to leave part of the green stems to add a rustic touch, and hope for a bit of charing to take place during roasting. It is an impressive looking dish for a weeknight dinner at home. 😂

My husband and son absolutely loved these. They enjoy spicy food and this reminded us of a chipotle flavor…similar to the sauce we use in the shrimp tacos…which they love. I think I preferred the carrots plain without the yogurt sauce, but enjoyed trying them for sure. It really got me thinking of variations I could make…although I think the boys would love me to make it this way again!

Another winner from this cookbook!

3 thoughts on “Sweet and Smoky Roasted Carrots

  1. I preferred these carrots without the sauce also. Plus there are all sorts of options to the recipe and the ideas it presented to us. Not too crazy about the sauce. I think it needs tweaking.

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