Honey-Nut Nougat

We had quite a discussion in my house about what “nougat” is and what candy bars had it. 😂 We all had different impressions and thoughts which was kind of funny!

Apparently, according to Dorie, the French are very passionate about their nougat..a candy combination of toasted nuts and dried fruit inside a sticky, stretchy honey meringue. Whole societies are dedicated to keeping this sweet alive and appreciated. Who knew?!!

I love how even though this is a baking group, I invariably come away with information I never knew. I also found myself googling what divinity was because I distinctly remember when I was young, my grandma having this white candy called divinity out at Christmas with the fudge. It seemed similar in my memory. I now know it is very close to this nougat, although it has more sugar instead of the honey. It sounded like it might have been a little more marshmallow’y as well. Any thoughts taking me back to my Grandma Rose is a always good thing so I was thankful for that trip down memory lane. ❤️.

I used almonds and cranberries in my nougat. It wasn’t all that hard to make. I used a loaf pan to get the right proportions as directed by Dorie. Also didn’t have any difficulty coating in the powdered sugar mixture so it wouldn’t stick. What I did have trouble with was the cutting. I did cut the few pieces we tried, but hey, this was not a hit in our house. This is very rare. No one liked it..the taste or my additions haha. My husbands comment was, maybe you should have used peanuts and coated it in chocolate. Hmmm maybe we would have enjoyed it better that way but I told them that wasn’t really given as an option in this recipe haha.

Oh well, can’t win them all. This won’t be keeper in our house…onto the next one!!

6 thoughts on “Honey-Nut Nougat

  1. Well you learned a new skill…I remember divinity, I made it with my mom once, much less chewy than nougat. My husband loved this one, I can take it or leave it. Love baking with you all. Merry Christmas.

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