Touch-of-Crunch Chocolate Cake

This very chocolate cake was quite a winner with my family…and my tasters!

It is not for the faint of heart, you must enjoy chocolate or this is not the dessert for you…but oh if you are a chocolate lover, you hit the jackpot.

This cake is a cross between a flourless cake and a dense, fudge-like brownie. We were given the option of adding black sesame seeds or cocoa nibs for the crunch…I opted for mini chocolate chips, which I am not sure retained much of their crunch, but didn’t matter as this cake was a winner.

After trying a bite, I realized that something that would compliment the chocolate would actually enhance the flavor, tone down the richness of the cake. I always now have whipped cream on hand, for those in my family who love it with these desserts, and I had raspberries. Turned out to be a perfect match. I had my sliver at room temperature but I have to agree with Dorie, that this cake shines brightest out of the fridge. I had a couple “broken pieces” while cutting the pieces for everyone and I think it tasted best cold.

This would be a great dessert option for entertaining…you can make it ahead of time and it would go far, as you don’t need a very big piece! 😃

6 thoughts on “Touch-of-Crunch Chocolate Cake

  1. I made mine and put it in the freezer for my holiday party this month. Glad to hear it’s delectable and can serve a lot of folks.

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