Chicken and Salad Milanese Style

I thought I was being so smart…

In our intro Dorie tells us, in culinary terms “Milanese” refers to the chicken being breaded and sautéed…and the key is in the chicken being pounded as thin as possible. Since pounding chicken is not something I regularly do, I thought to ask the butcher at our local store if he could do it for me. He said, of course! Wow…how easy would that make things right?!! He told me it would take a few minutes so to continue on doing my shopping. I could literally hear him pounding the chicken and I was so proud of myself for thinking of this..I mean I was already thinking what else I could make! I finished my shopping, picked up my chicken and brought it home for dinner that night.

Unfortunately, all that pounding I heard was not so effective 😩. I went to bread my chicken and found out it wasn’t quite as thin as Dorie suggested and I didn’t have time to remedy the situation. Ugh. So my chicken is thicker than I would have liked, cooked darker than I would have liked, and cut into pieces to make sure it was cooked though. Lesson learned…I will do my own pounding from now on 😂😂

Other than my chicken being too thick it was easy to make.

The salad was an interesting mix of veggies…celery with leaves, English cucumber, bell pepper, basil, and baby greens.

The dressing, simple: olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic, salt and pepper….reminded us all of dressing we had while in Spain and Italy! I couldn’t find white balsamic so I used the regular.

We all enjoyed this meal…commenting on the kick the basil gave the salad and how much we liked this simple dressing..the lemon really made everything taste so fresh. This was a great summer meal and another winner.

7 thoughts on “Chicken and Salad Milanese Style

  1. You’ll actually like pounding your own. Get rid of the day’s frustrations 🙂 I agree that this was a winner. I especially liked the salad and its dressing. Though the combo with chicken was a delicious meal.

  2. I envied your thinking about the butcher helping with the pounding until I read that you didn’t feel it was thin enough. Probably none of us got to the thiness of Dorie’s. I didn’t have a meat cleaver so I used one of my cast iron frying pans. Just pounded the heck out of the meat. (Betsy is right. With yesterday’s news which brought forth multiple frustrations and stress, pounding the heck out of a chicken cutlet that can’t fight back felt very good.) I really liked the salad and dressing. Zingy and tangy and quite picture-perfect. I’ll make this again. I liked reading your post and love the name of your blog.

  3. I actually slice the chicken breast in half horizontally and then pound it very thin. It’s really easy, just check out a u-tube video for instructions. To me, the chicken breast are way to thick for something like this recipe. Other than that, you dish looks fantastic and we all know how delish this recipe is and so simple to prepare.

  4. I applaud that you were organized enough to think of this while at the market lol. Points off to that butcher, who clearly does not do the cooking in his house. The wee bit thicker piece, however, likely stayed very juicy- a good point of balance with the size. When I am pounding my cutlets the whole kitchen will clear out – kids, pets, and angst lol. Loved the simple addition of the salad. Another winner from this wonderful cookbook !

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