Gâteau Basque Fantasie


Just a little background I learned about this recipe.  If something isn’t made following  strict, French culinary rules, it might be called “Fantasie”.  A traditional Gâteau Basque is made of a sweet crust fitted into a cake pan and filled with pastry cream or jam and then topped with another layer of crust.  It is hard not to call it a pie or tourte, but it is called a gâteau because of its classic cake look. (I think mine looks more like a tart because it was too difficult to fold the sticky dough over and behind the bottom crust.  I just placed it on top of the bottom edge and pressed down to seal it up.)

Instead of the classic pastry cream or jam filling we were creating one with fruit…therefore getting the “Fantasia” attached to the name.   We were to use orange juice, apples, grapes, raisins, and nuts…or any version of that with what you had on hand. You simmer the fruit down in sugar water until there is almost no more liquid.  Pretty easy.

The crust I will say was easy to make, but very fussy to work with.  I didn’t enjoy the process much.  You roll it out, chill or freeze it and then try and mold it into a pan….without it cracking…or before it is too soft.  Good luck with that.  It was not easy and I had to mend a few tears.  If you wait too long, it is too sticky and you can’t remove it from the parchment.  I had to re-roll one of my crusts and then re-chill it slightly to get the right firmness.  I think in the end the cracking doesn’t matter because it will all bake nicely together, but during the making, it seems rather important to have it look nice.


This one had mixed reviews from my tasters: three did not like it….two really liked it…and one said it was good but would be really good if it was just an apple filling.

Isn’t it strange how different taste can be?  I mean it is quite fascinating how people can all try the same dessert and have such different reactions.  Personally, I don’t see me making this one again…it wasn’t loved by all and that dough was just not that easy to work with.  Still so fun though!

Happy Baking!

5 thoughts on “Gâteau Basque Fantasie

  1. Thanks for the warning about the crust – fun times ahead, I can tell. I am not sure how you could not love pastry packed with luscious fruits – your gateau looks wonderful to me.

  2. We loved the jam filled gateau in the past so I am hoping everyone will love this one. Thanks about the warning of the dough. Yours turned out beautiful though.

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