Apple Matafan


This one had me at “Apple”…I am an apple girl.

I had no idea what a Matafan was but I was willing to try it :).  Many of my fellow bakers had already baked this one so I knew we would be in for a treat.  A Matafan is described to be a cross between a crepe and a griddle cake…basically a pancake.  It was different though.  I was expecting it to have the consistency of a pancake and we thought it was denser, more like a sponge cake.  Regardless of what it is, one thing is for certain, we all loved it and thought it was delicious.  On the plus side, very easy to make.  I would think it would be perfect for a brunch or family breakfast.  Not too much work and not too much bake time.  We actually had it for dinner the night I baked it along with some bacon.  Not sure if it was the Matafan or the addition of the bacon, but my husband thought breakfast for dinner was great that night! 🙂

We did take the advice offered from those who baked this recipe first, that it is best with the maple syrup that was listed as optional.  I tried a bite first without and it was good but somewhat bland.  Once I added just a little syrup it really took this to a new level.  This one is a keeper!


9 thoughts on “Apple Matafan

  1. We had the same discussions at our table on what this was but no matter we loved it. Everyone was correct with the maple syrup. Nice picture.

  2. Always enjoy your thoughtful and well worded descriptions. I haven’t made this yet, because I’m letting too many other things get in the way, but you have inspired me to. Thanks.

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