Martine’s Gâteau de Savoie


Our recipe is described as the “simplest of sweets…a classic sponge cake that is light, satisfying and beautiful in it’s plainness”.

I learned in reading the intro to our recipe that the Savoy cake is one of the oldest in the French repertoire, and maybe in the Italian too.  Today we would think of this cake as simple but back in 1358 it was considered a marvel. It was unusual for its lightness which is achieved by beating yolks and sugar until thick and pale and then beating in whipped egg whites to create a cake that rose and had a springy interior.  Think of doing all of that without our electric whisks! 🙂

This cake WAS beautiful and delicious in its simpleness.

We are told it is fine just plain, or that we can add jam, lemon curd, or cherries cooked in wine.  Since it is berry season here in California where I live, I went with simple, cut up strawberries.  We all loved it…we all declared it a keeper!

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