pithiviers 1

Pithiviers…how is that pronounced you ask?  No idea.  I made up my own way when describing it to my tasters…one of them said, that just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well haha!

It didn’t seem to matter that none of us could pronounce the name, it was loved by all!  We are told in our recipe that it is a forgotten French Pastry.  This dessert is basically a double crusted puff pastry with an almond cream and jam filling.  We are given instructions to make a prune jam, but I opted to use a blackberry jam…which my tasters thanked me for…we are not the prune eating bunch so much.

I thought this recipe came together quite nicely…there are some waiting periods for chilling and resting but nothing to overly involved. I actually liked the precision of creating the cream disc that would fit precisely into the calculated circles of the puff pastry…had my ruler out and everything.  I used Dorie’s suggestion of gently wrapping the pastry around the interior disc as we were completing the dessert.  I scored my top, chilled, and then baked.

Having not too much experience with puff pastry, I was thinking it was a good thing mine “puffed” so much.  I am not sure that was so great.  It was so strange, once I cut into it to hand off to some of my tasters, I saw that inside the cream/jam disc had somewhat shifted and there was a giant air bubble of puff pastry.  Ugh.  I am not even sure how that happened and thankfully this was for my tasters and we just managed and spread the jam out a bit, BUT this would have been very embarrassing if I had taken it somewhere.

I guess next time I would just press harder on the pastry surrounding the cream disc but honestly I don’t even know if that was the problem.  I do think I will be making this again though as it seemed to be such a hit and I couldn’t freeze a piece for my husband and I for after Easter.

p #4

P #2

Embarrassing is what this is…but I can’t show only the pretty pictures haha…this is the reality of what I cut into.  Ugh!  So weird.  I will be curious to see if any other bakers had this happen to them. 🙂

Happy Baking!

5 thoughts on “Pithiviers

  1. I love the first photo showing those beautiful flaky layers of pastry. I cut a hole in the top of mine – I wonder if that allowed trapped air to escape.

  2. I think it looks beautiful in the first photo. I know what you mean about the pastry rising unevenly but I think the success of your dessert is gaged by your tasters’ palate too and I think you did very well using that criteria. A savory version is a great idea, with some tapenade? Yum!

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