Sunday in Paris Chocolate Cake


Intriguing name right??  We are told in the recipe that “A Sunday in Paris” is the name of a pastry shop on an old cobblestone street off the Boulevard Saint-Germain…oh makes sense now…and can’t you just picture it? 🙂  Apparently the store and it’s pastries are quite modern and chic.  This cake comes in a special long, very slender loaf…packed in a snug box and topped with whole peanuts and squares of caramel candy.   The real surprise is an ingredient rarely found in French pastry: creamy peanut butter…they prefer Nutella.  This recipe Dorie created, is an adaption of this cake.

Dorie suggests we make these in small rectangular molds or in a loaf pan.  Since I was hosting Book Club, I figured I would make mini cupcakes so I can get them out to all my regular tasters and still have some left for my book club to try out. (BTW, my main dessert was the BWJ White Chocolate Patty Cake we made a few years ago…I have made that several times and it is always a hit!)

These mini-cakes were destined for greatness…I mean chocolate and peanut butter, how can you go wrong??  They are a fairly simple, straight forward dessert.  Mix up the batter, bake, and then top with ganache, chocolate shavings, and chopped peanuts.  They look amazing and very gourmet!!  Perfect for a gathering!  The only problem was…they were just ok.  They look great and you want them to be great but they fell short for most all of us who tried them.  They were more on the dry side…like a muffin or scone.  It isn’t that they were bad, but just not the rich, moist bite of cake you were expecting.  It was a little disappointing but you know, oh well…always fun to try these new recipes and I am always grateful for the experience.


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