Honey-Yogurt Mousse


This one is hard to talk about…such mixed reviews.  The recipe itself is fairly easy, just some mixing and chilling.  I went ahead and made the cocoa crumbs that were suggested as a suitable topping for the mousse. Those also went together easily.

I made up a double recipe so I would have 8 individual cups for my tasters..and got these results:

  • 2 really liked it…”We both really liked it with the cocoa crumbs…tasted tart and sweet and a little salty all at once.”
  • 2 wanted to like it…”It had our palate curious, however it left us unfulfilled and not wanting another bite or to finish it”
  • 2 didn’t like it…”wasn’t our favorite…tasted bitter to us”
  • 2 didn’t get eaten…and I didn’t try it…not my type of dessert…although I did try the cocoa crumbs and those were good!

ALL of my tasters were glad for the opportunity as usual.  It is a fun little game we play twice or more a month with the baking and tasting.  We have had some great recipes and some great surprises but I would have to say this one wasn’t a winner in my book.

I do find it so interesting how different taste can be…the same recipe and 3 very different reactions from 6 people in 3 families…and the reaction was consistent in each family.

As always…thankful for the baking experience but onto the next one! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Honey-Yogurt Mousse

  1. This is what I love about this group you make recipes you would not normally make for me it was this one. I do not like honey so much. Other members of the family loved it and asked me to make it again and soon.

  2. That’s so interesting that the mixed reviews were consistent across two families. I’m sorry this wasn’t a hit for you, but as you said, onto the next one!

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