Chocolate Truffles


This week we made chocolate truffles…ganache bonbons made of a basic mixture of chocolate and cream.  We are told they are often rolled in cocoa powder to resemble the soil that clings to the freshly dug fungi.  I did try that…honest…but after seeing what they looked like, went a more festive approach. :).

(BTW…the mini chocolate chip one was the unanimous favorite!)

I have to tell you, although the recipe was easy, as I was rolling these truffles in my hands trying to battle quickly before they melted any worse, I was thinking to myself…I will never make these again.  I mean they were messy!…and that was after chilling them for 5 hours instead of only the 3 suggested.

On the flip side of this conversation in my head was me after sharing them…well, I guess it wasn’t that hard.  I could always chill them 24+ hours before rolling and see if that helps.

Obviously something changed my mind…

The recipe makes 36 truffles…truthfully I think you could make them even a bit smaller and get more.  I made these the night before my bible study luncheon figuring the recipe makes enough for my trusty tasters AND a luncheon.  Always a bit risky taking a new recipe somewhere before you have tried them out but I figured how could I go wrong with chocolate right?!

People RAVED about these truffles…those at the luncheon and my tasters.  They couldn’t get enough of them which is strange since they are so, so rich.  They loved them…told me they were quite possibly the best thing they had ever eaten…really??  Wow, I was starting to think maybe I will have to make these again.  After my husband had a second one, he said…are you really not going to make these again?

It looks like I am being forced to go back on my decision…I mean, how can I deprive these people of something they loved so much.  I see me rolling chocolate again in the near future…they are being requested for Christmas 🙂


10 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffles

  1. Ha! I was already planning on festive things to roll them in! I am actually thinking I will make them with one of my classes over a two day period – the ganache will sit in the fridge overnight so hopefully that will make them easier to work with. Can you imagine 20 boys under 11 making these? 😉 I’ll let you know how we get on..

  2. They look so festive! I love the way you rolled them. My thought it to use plastic gloves next time… i think there is no getting around the mess. Or just lick your hands, which may or may not have been my experience. 😁

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