Caramel Tart


I decided to add this recipe to my Thanksgiving dinner so I didn’t make last week’s blog role  Thank goodness for the extra rewind Tuesday this month. 🙂

I did have some trouble with this recipe…

  • Although this sweet tart dough is easy enough to work with, I am still having trouble with cooking it in my oven.  I lowered the temp to 375 this time AND tented and it still over baked in my opinion.  I couldn’t release the tart from the pan.
  • I skimmed the froth off of the caramel before pouring it in and after, since others had issues with it changing the look of the final product.  After my tart cooled I went to cover it with plastic wrap, and right away it fell to the middle and appeared to pull up the center.  I was like…OH NO…. Interestingly though, it was pulling up the froth layer that did in fact bake on top. So I continued to pull up the rest which revealed this nice caramel filling.  The only problem was, I couldn’t get it ALL pulled up…especially right along the edge of the crust.  I was already making the chocolate sauce to go with this so I thought what would be the harm of adding mini chocolate chips along the edge of the crust…it would add some flavor, add some interest and texture, and solve my problem haha!
  • My tart took longer to cook than the 24 minutes suggested…more like 34.

None of these issues were really bad or impactful to the final product but trouble nonetheless…especially the day before Thanksgiving as I was very busy with preparing the meal.

The reviews on the tart were sort of varied.  Everyone loved the addition of the mini chocolate chips and said they would have preferred them over the whole top.  They also said the flavor of the tart seemed to grow on them the more they ate…at first bite, not so sure they liked it.  To me, the caramel tasted a little like butterscotch.  All in all, everyone enjoyed trying it but in the end I think it was unfair of me to put it up against the classic Thanksgiving desserts…those being pumpkin and apple pie in our house.   🙂

5 thoughts on “Caramel Tart

  1. Your tart looks great! I had issues with bubbles too but I tried skimming them and popping them. The same thing with plastic film happened to me too. Serendipity? Lol!

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