Apple Speculoos Crumble


Speculoos…you might wonder…what is that??  They are a type of spiced shortbread.  My only connection to the word was that I had read about cookie butter with it at Trader Joes.   They did taste familiar when I tried them, so maybe I have eaten them without knowing what they were.

I took Dorie’s advice and looked for the Lotus/Biscoff brand of speculoos cookies at my local grocery store…not even a specialty store…and surprise, surprise there they were.


I have never seen these, or tasted them…until now.  They do remind you of Christmas time and are very good.  I could see myself buying them again to eat plain. 🙂

This recipe is actually very simple, two steps really.

  • Prepare the apples…peel, core, and cut and then mix in sugar
  • Prepare the crumble…break and crush the cookies and then mix with softened butter  and shape into a ball

It is literally that easy.

Spoon the apples into the pan and top with broken off pieces of the cookie “ball”.  This smells so good while cooking.

While everyone loved this, we were all a little surprised at the consistency of the apples.  Most all of us were expecting firm apple pieces and in fact there were some, but there was also some that became more like an applesauce filling.  Not sure if that had something to do with the apples I chose, or if that was intended in the baking.  Either way, we all enjoyed this one…my Dad even requesting the recipe! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Apple Speculoos Crumble

  1. That looks so good. I’d love to try a biscoff after reading everyone’s descriptions of them – they’re not available here so I made Dorie’s speculoos for this recipe.

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