Chocolate Creme Sandwiches


Exciting things going on with TWD…we have added another cookbook and will be spreading kindness with cookies!!   We will continue to be cooking twice a month out of Baking Chez Moi and now will also add two recipes a month from Dorie’s newest cookbook, Dorie’s Cookies.  This will be my third cookbook I have tackled with this baking group.  We have just recently finish Baking with Julia which was my first cookbook with this group…hard to believe in a few short months I will have been cooking with this group for 6 years!!!  I remember being nervous about starting up…especially the blogging part, but wow, I am SO glad I joined.  This group and the baking has brought me so much joy…I would say my tasters are very glad I joined as well haha!

I am such a book person/nerd…apparently even a cookbook person.  I couldn’t wait to flip through the newest one and check out all the great recipes we will be baking through.  I can see that a few jump out as possible favorites with me already.  Hopefully, these new recipes won’t be too time consuming so I can keep up with both books.

Our recipe this week is a sandwich cookie, one she says that might remind us of an Oreo but is not supposed to be as sweet. I have to admit, these were a little time consuming.  You make up the dough, which was super easy to work with, and then roll, chill, cut, bake…continuing with the process until you have used up your dough…very similar to making sugar cookies.

While those are cooling to room temp, you whip up the creme filling.  Dorie suggests that we can make up a double batch if we want to have  a thicker filling.  I decided to do this since my cookies were a little bigger than the 2 inch suggested and didn’t want to run out.  I ended up getting 20 sandwiches out of the recipe which was really good since she suggested that it makes approx 22.

Very interesting results from my tasters…I for once liked it, maybe since it is chocolate and somewhat simple, but out of 10 people trying these, only 3 liked them!!  The others said they were ok, they weren’t complaining, but they all said the same thing…that they were TOO sweet!  Isn’t that weird??  The recipe says people might think they aren’t as sweet as an Oreo but all these people trying them at different times, told me they were too sweet.

My daughter who liked them said, isn’t dessert suppose to be sweet?…and I said, exactly haha!!



11 thoughts on “Chocolate Creme Sandwiches

  1. Nice hearts! I think there was a pretty good balance between the cookie and the filling. ‘Y one son thinks the filling is too sweet though.

  2. I would say my family is glad I have joined the Dorie groups. I am a little nervous about having to bake sweets every week. Interesting findings from your tasters. We loved these. Luckily there will always be a new recipe next week.

  3. Congratulations on 6 years baking with TWD! I joined up many moons ago (also French Fridays with Dorie) and never made it past a couple recipes. BUT,…with this new book,…I’m going to make it! I know it! I love making cookies! So, interesting that your taste-testers had varied responses about the sweetness of the cookies. I love the heart shape. Super darling!

  4. Your heart cookies look so pretty. And believe me, I am not a chocolate fan, so if I say that something chocolate looks pretty, it really means fabulous. 🙂 My husband will appreciate these, good to know on the timing and all as more often than not I’m making and posting in the same day (sigh, someday I will be more diligent) so I might have to get to these a day before to make sure I finish them. Chocolate is best handled in short spurts. lol Yours really do look lovely.

  5. That is interesting that some found them too sweet! I was very pleased with the sweet-salt balance in these and thought they were just right. I love the heart shape!

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