Summer-Market Galette


This one should have been more exciting to us, but honestly on the heels of the Rose Fraiser and even the Cornmeal Berry Cakes…this one was just ok.

My taster family that loves anything fruit…loved it;  the rest of my tasters, we are just not a stone fruit summer dessert group.  I know we have LOVED this galette when I made it with apples and cinnamon, but the apricots, nectarines, and plums just didn’t quite do it for us.  It wasn’t bad, we just aren’t fans.

Like I have said so many times, this is the beauty of this baking group…the chance to make things you wouldn’t ordinarily make or try.  Most all have been amazing, so to get one that wasn’t YAY, is ok.  Onto the next one!! 🙂




6 thoughts on “Summer-Market Galette

  1. Ooh… I thought I was alone in not being totally on this… I wondered if it was just because I didn’the have amazing fruit. Dunno… just wasn’the feeling it either.

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