Cornmeal Berry Cakes


After the battle to contain the flood gates of my cream in the Rose Fraiser, it was refreshing to have an easy recipe!  This one was simple and fast…and tasty which makes for a great combo.  They seemed to scream summer.

The recipe makes 4 small loaf cakes or cupcakes.  I opted to make 24 mini cupcakes and since there was still so much batter left, made 1 loaf cake too.  I think I could have made another 12+ mini cupcakes with the batter which is good to know.  36+ mini cupcakes from a recipe is good for entertaining.  For the mini bites, I put 1/2 a raspberry in each one.  They turned out great, but I probably could have gone with a whole one…just wasn’t sure about the batter to berry ratio.

I am glad I went with the option of adding the lemon icing.  That was a favorite with everyone.  It seemed to give a pop of flavor to the cake and raspberry, brightening up the whole experience.  The final verdict seemed to rest with whether you like cornbread or not…those that do, loved the dessert; those that are not fond of cornbread thought the dessert was ok.  I liked it for the fact it was something different…but I like cornbread so there you go. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Cornmeal Berry Cakes

  1. These were just ok but then again I did not make the lemon glaze, my berries were frozen and I’m not used to cornmeal. I think I need to give these a second chance. I´m glad you all liked it.

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