Cocoa Crunch Meringue Sandwiches


I finally got them done!  Two days late, but I did it.  🙂  I knew they would be good since I had seen postings from fellow bakers, but had some trouble scheduling cookies that take 3+ hours.

I will keep it short and sweet…

These were not hard to make, but the meringue cookies do take some time in the oven.  These are then sandwiched with chocolate ganache.  They are an interesting combination with the crunchy, wafer cookies and the fudge-like filling.  They were loved by all.  I made a double batch to make sure I had all my tasters covered…I mean 8 cookies per batch is not a lot. Even at a double batch, I only got 13 cookies out of it.

Not sure these would be a go to recipe  for me since I was maxed out in my oven at 26 cookies on my two baking sheets…it would be 3 more hours to make any more….but they were delicious and a hit with everyone!



6 thoughts on “Cocoa Crunch Meringue Sandwiches

  1. Agreed that these cookies took time and planning. I didn’t realize how long when I baked them and ended up having to leave them in the oven longer but luckily they turned out ok.

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