Jammer Galette


Jammer Galette…fun name; fun desert.  The “Jammer” is a vanilla sable topped with jam and circled with streusel…simple but fancy and delicious at the same time.

This is a recipe to play with, so the possibilities are endless.  I happened to have blackberry jam and orange marmalade from previous recipes we have made..and couldn’t decide which to make…so, I made two!  I figured with all of my tasters, one might not be quite enough anyway, so two seemed perfect.

I didn’t have two tart pans so I used one tart and one springform pan and it worked out beautifully.

This is the kind of recipe that would work out great for a gathering…simple, but seems like a fancy dessert.

  1. Make the crust; chill
  2. Make the streusel; chill
  3. Assemble and bake
  4. Dust with confectioners’ sugar

Seriously easy!






This recipe was loved by all…and interestingly everyone loved both but at the same time had a favorite…which was mixed.  There was no clear winner.  I am guessing any jam you choose to use would be a hit.  I personally liked the orange marmalade one best. 🙂

After my parents had theirs with coffee, my dad sent me a text and said he will now be using a “top 20” list because there are too many great ones to contain to a top 10.  :)…and after over 4 years of baking with this group…we do seem to be on a roll with this new BCM cookbook!  Fun times and fun memories!  I have loved every minute of it and I believe my tasters have too! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Jammer Galette

  1. I would love orange marmalade in this! I agree that it’s a great company dessert – it looks labour intensive but really takes very little time.

  2. It really is a versatile recipe, I really like that about this recipe. And most of the ingredients I had at home so it made it less daunting! Your dad is funny, we have had a great run of recipes with this book!

  3. I completely agree that this recipe is easy and versatile. I really appreciated how the dough and streusel could be made ahead and the assembly was so quick. The next one I make will use cherry preserves!

  4. Your Dad’s comment is a testament to Dorie’s recipes! I think I’ll have to start a top 100 list…

    This is going to be my go to for using up jam from now on – so easy, pretty, and tasty.

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