Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta


The most common reaction I got from this dessert…”I had to stop myself from licking the cup”. If that doesn’t sum it up, I don’t know what would!!   I didn’t actually get to have one of these, since once again it is Lent and I gave up desserts, but…from what I heard, these were amazing!

I was very surprised these went over so well since the Vanilla Mango Panna Cotta was a hit or miss sort of thing.  I think half of my tasters liked that one and half didn’t care for it at all.  It seems the “Hot Chocolate” part, made all the difference.  🙂  Everyone reported back this was more like a mousse than anything…and…light and not too sweet.

These were super easy to make and…I like that when thinking which of these desserts would be good to use for entertaining.  As my Dad said…we have been on quite a roll with good recipes lately!!  Onto the next ones!!

9 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta

  1. Indeed the compliments can’t get much better than wanted to lick the cup ! Great job. And I am firmly with your Dad about the recipes being on a roll. Frankly, we have not hit one from this book that was not a hit in my house. The track record is phenomenal, though as expected we are big fans of desserts 🙂 Still, it only makes it sadder to ever encounter one you don’t like. Luckily we haven’t experienced that with BCM. I missed the last post and only read yours now. Lovely results and love that you included a photo of your daughter handling taste testing duties. So sweet ! My son is home on spring break this week and I can’t wait to make the new recipes for him- indeed, that makes the results all the more rewarding 🙂

  2. Love those glasses! I can totally see these served with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa! And like you said, soooo easy to make! Definitely a whip-’em-up for last minute company dessert. And last but not least, your dad’s a lucky guy to get to taste all these desserts!

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