Soft-Centered Chocolate Teacup Cakes


The recipe calls these “Soft-Centered Chocolate Teacup Cakes” but here where I live, we call them Chocolate Lava Cakes….whatever you want to call them, they were delicious!

Here is what I learned:

  • I had no ovenproof bakeware so I bought some…4 of them at 4oz.  Slightly smaller than the 6oz the recipe calls for.  Interestingly enough, the 4oz was a perfect size to eat and some of us even shared this size.  With the leftover batter I used one of my mini individual tart pans which worked just fine.  I will buy 2 more of the 4oz so I can make 6 at a time.
  • Yes to “adding the teensy bit of crunch”…of course, given the option,  I dusted the interior with some granulated sugar and even if you can’t taste it, it was pretty. 🙂
  • IMG_0951
  • I used Ghirardelli bittersweet chips for the cake batter and some of the baking bar for the molten lava.  Super easy to melt and delicious.
  • We all agreed these were chocolately but not overly sweet.  It was the perfect combination with a delicious result.
  • I baked mine for the full 12 minutes making sure we didn’t have runny insides.  It was perfect, the cake was set and the chocolate melted.

My tasters LOVED this one.

Per my dad…

  • “Wow! That lava cake just shot up to the top 5.  Love the chunks of chocolate hidden in the cake. Another keeper”
  • Did you heat it or eat it at room temp?…
  • “I couldn’t wait, I ate it at room temp”

My tasters ate it a variety of ways: heated, room temp, with whipped cream, plain, with ice cream.  It didn’t seem to matter…everyone loved it and said it was a total keeper.




My daughter was home to enjoy the baking…she had it with whipped cream 🙂

I do enjoy the baking regardless of the outcome, BUT I would have to say it is that much sweeter when everyone loves it! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Soft-Centered Chocolate Teacup Cakes

  1. I took my picture at 10 minutes of resting, and at it at 11 minutes after taking the picture! I coukdn’the wait either! Interestingly I did microwave one on the second day for 15 seconds and it came out perfectly reheated. Yours look great!

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