Chocolate Chestnut Tart with Vanilla Chestnut Syrup


This is going to have to be a quick one…both in writing and for you to read.  It is a busy week…barely got this one squeezed in.  🙂

I was really excited to make this tart after hearing from those who chose to make this recipe first!  It seemed like everyone loved it.  Finding the chestnuts was a challenge, so I opted to order off of Amazon after the tip on our P&Q page…who knew!?

So here is my take-away:

  • I made the syrup since others said it was amazing…I did something wrong because mine seized up after pouring it into my jar…I mean totally solidified!!  I had such a hard time getting it out!
  • The tart was still delicious even without the syrup!
  • The crust gets too done cooking for so long at 400, I would lower it next time or lessen the time. (I even tented the crust!)
  • Having never had Chestnuts, they are weird!  More on the soft and chewy side..not what you would expect.
  • The actual tart is easy to make and so delicious and decadent
  • I used the tip and served this with Coffee Blast ice cream and we all have to say this was a perfect pair!!  Totally recommend!

That is all folks, gotta run!

Oh, one more thing…I have made our Chocolate Toffee Break-ups two more times…that recipe is a total hit!!



8 thoughts on “Chocolate Chestnut Tart with Vanilla Chestnut Syrup

  1. Your tart looks terrific and I’m no longer on the fence about making it having read your rave review. It’s good to know about the chestnut texture too, I don’t think I’ve had one before… Hmm maybe in a bag of mixed nuts.

  2. I have learned to cook my tart dough at 375 degrees and it works much better. But it looks like you got the perfect French bake on it. We loved this one too and we paired with coffee ice cream too. Have a great week. Happy Holidays!

  3. I agree about the baking time for the tart too. Your tart looks so pretty. The toffee was a great hit here, I even made some to send along with cookies to my granddaughters. Have a great

  4. Wow- those are some gorgeous results. Lovely. Well played on that ice cream combo. And I totally agree about that toffee. My kids have already asked me to make extra batches so they can bring it back to college with them. Evidently the roommates all approved 🙂 Also kudos on your lovely stained glass cookies. I have yet to make them – have all the ingredients but not the time or inclination right now. I will make a pot of coffee and knock them out at some point this season. Appreciate your honest insights about the process- you shared what Nana had already told me about that recipe. But yummy indeed. Happy holidays !!

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