Apple Pielettes


Aren’t these the cutest things!?

Our recipe has an introduction that tells us these were created as a bring-along for a potluck…I see them as an easy bring-along for a picnic too. Super easy to transport and eat…no utensils or plates necessary.

This is one of those recipes that has a base but you are able to change it around…any combination of fruit for the filling would work and while this recipe uses a galette dough, you could easily use your favorite pie crust dough as well.

I changed up the filling from the recipe and omitted the raisins and apricots and just went with my tried and true apple pie filling..why mess with it right? 🙂  I was also happy I got the “accident to be wished for” as the recipe states as my juice bubbled over into a caramel coating of drips.  It also gives them a bit of character! 🙂


The one thing I did find a bit hard was the sizing of the dough.  I measured for what the recipe called for, but if I was to make these again, I would increase the size of both the tops and bottoms, that way you would have more room for filling.  As it was, the 3 inch bottoms didn’t seem really big and then the filling cooked down so some of them had gaps of air inside.  I would rather have packed in the apple filling with extra space and used up the full muffin tin.


All in all, I would say these were a hit…especially with those of my tasters who love pie crust since there is such a big crust to filling ratio here…for me…the odd one… I would prefer a french apple topping but that would defeat the purpose of a “pielette” haha!


14 thoughts on “Apple Pielettes

  1. The bubbled-over juices were great! I found a lot of extra air in my pielettes the first time I made them; I cut my apples smaller the for my second attempt, and they turned out so much better!

  2. I agree with you on the crust to filling ratio. I, too, will be increasing the pie circle size in the future to accommodate more filling!

  3. I will make the circles a little bigger next time, too. I don’t know if it’s just my muffin tin, but they didn’t quite reach up all the way. I enjoyed these a lot and yours look great!

  4. Adorable pielettes !! Aren’t these fun ? I also had issues with the size of the dough but that was because I didn’t have a circle mold and quickly grabbed a cup which was just too small. Time to log onto Sur La Tab LOL. And great info on the sizing of the apples – I will be sure to keep my eye on that in the future.

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