Raspberry Swirls


I made these a few weeks ago and people are still talking about them!..yes, that good!

I made “Blackberry Swirls” since I had blackberry jam leftover from our Florentine Squares, but really you could use any flavor jam and it would be a success.  These are the best kind of recipes because you can use what you have on hand!

There are a few steps to these swirls:

  • baking the cake; easy
  • chill time
  • spreading the jam and rolling the cake; fussy and not so easy
  • chill time
  • cutting the roll into pieces; easy
  • dip in chocolate, roll in coconut and pistachios; easy

Really the only difficult part I found, even with so many steps, was the rolling part…and it just seemed like it shouldn’t be so hard.  The cake didn’t want to roll up in a nice spiral, but I forced it and then wrapped it very tightly in the parchment paper.  I think the tight wrapping did help but,  in the end it just didn’t matter too much because the chocolate hid all imperfections!  While I was making them I was thinking that I wouldn’t be making them again, but after seeing how pretty they eventually turn out…they are very showy…AND how great everyone said they were, I would have to change my opinion.  I wouldn’t be so worried during the rolling part and would just go with it…they turn out beautiful and so tasty in the end!

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