Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies


I was surprised by these.

  • The dough wasn’t as fussy as I expected…quite easy actually.  I made the dough and let it chill overnight, baking the cookies the next morning.
  • I still had my blackberry jam that I used for the Florentine Squares so I went ahead and used that.
  • I used a mason jar as my cookie cutter.
  • The process of wetting the cookie and pressing the next layer on top went very smoothly.
  • Cooked up in the 17 minutes suggested.
  • Baked up 14 cookies out of the mix




Seriously, easy….and should I add…LOVED be everyone!  My dad’s text went so far as to say he has extended his top 5 category to the top 10 as this cookie needs to be added to the top list….quite an endorsement of the recipe wouldn’t you say?!

I did add the dusting of confectioners sugar as suggested because you know it just elevates anything you dust upon! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies

  1. These were definitely a winner in our house and a repeat recipe. Yours look great, adding the
    confectioners sugar really makes it special.

  2. D’oh–for some reason I totally missed the part about the confectioner’s sugar. I guess I stopped reading the recipe after the “put the tray in the oven” part! Glad these were such a hit with your tasters!

  3. I love the shape of yours – the jam is so evenly distributed. And they look lovely with confectioners’ sugar sprinkled on them. I didn’t do that, as my taste-testers are increasingly sugar-phobic.

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