Miniature Florentine Squares

IMG_3059 I had a feeling as I was baking, that these might be more widely accepted by my tasting group than the last few recipes we have made.  We have already made the Ladyfinger Genoise, but in this recipe it is created into mini-cakes with a very showy marbleized design on top…”echoing the intricate patterns celebrated by Florence’s master papermakers.” I always try very hard to follow the recipes we bake as is…that is the point, but there were a few modifications I made in this one…both because of what I had on hand and for ease of getting these to my tasting group. I used Limoncello for my gloss of wine syrup and blackberry jelly for my filling. IMG_3055 I cut my cake into 16 squares instead of 36 and to help preserve the moistness until I got them delivered to tasters, I glazed each side of each cake as well as the top.  We had plenty of the white chocolate glaze and I figured who ever complains because there is too much glaze, right? I also individually decorated each top instead of before the cake was cut. IMG_3051 IMG_3060 The most fun in this recipe was decorating the tops of each mini cake.  After you pipe milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate into lines on top, you pull the glaze and chocolate with a “multi-pronged tool” to create the pattern.  I used a toothpick and just did it multiple times and it worked perfectly. I would say these are very pretty and would look great on a dessert table at an event.  ALL of my tasters loved this one, surprise, surprise…and even I ate it.  For me, it seemed like a lot of work and it looked better than it tasted.  They were inhaled and gone though so I guess everyone else would disagree haha!

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