Apricot Raspberry Tart


So my favorite part of this recipe was the brioche bread I bought to use for the crumbs in the bottom of the tart.  I know, I know, not a good start to the blog…but hang with me…other people really liked this, just not me. The recipe gives a few options: lady fingers, stale cake crumbs, or brioche bread.  I was thinking why not go for the bread.  Good excuse as I have never bought brioche bread but I have MADE it before with this group and I know it is delicious.  I looked around at our produce store while buying the apricots and raspberries and happened upon this…


Seriously why can bread make you so very happy?!  I made french toast that night for dinner for the family and it was unbelievably fantastic!  I will do that again…even for the price!

I know that doesn’t say much for the recipe at hand but it was unlikely I would like this particular dessert…I was curious to see what others thought.  Pretty simple recipe; make the tart dough, add the fruit filling and sprinkle with pistachios.  I have learned from this baking group that no matter how closely I THINK I read the recipe before and during the baking it always surprises me after, when I see something I had never read before.  So strange.  This time it was with the dough.  I read it and decided to go the pressed-in route rather than rolling the dough since that seems difficult with the tart pan.  I figured I could mold it in place easier.  I went at it very methodically, squaring off the tops with my fingers so they were all uniform.


I was pretty impress with myself until I went back and read the next step and for some reason seemed to read for the first time, the line where it says “but don’t use a lot of force-working lightly will preserve the crust’s shortbread texture” At this point I was thinking well, I believe I was pretty heavy handed might not have the shortbread texture…but hey most people’s favorite part of the tart was the crust so it all worked out…phew!  I need to read more carefully! haha!


This tart uses a lot of apricots…if you are not a fan you will not enjoy this dessert.  There isn’t much else too it.  You fill the tart with 14 apricots halved, some sprinkled sugar, and raspberries…sprinkling pistachios on top towards the end.  Very simple dessert.  My tasters all opted to add some whipped cream on top.  I have to tell you, my tried and true tasters that love anything fruity, LOVED this one…and I quote, “Loved it, we inhaled it in two minutes”, my husband thought it was very good, and my parents not so much on this one..but hey you can’t love them all.  Just adds to the fun of trying each of these. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Apricot Raspberry Tart

  1. Your tart is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that line in the tart crust recipe! But don’t you love that you can do just about anything to that dough and it will still be good!

  2. You did have me chuckling with your intro about being most excited about the Brioche (who wouldn’t be – that was quite the score !!!) and that is exactly the type of honestly that I appreciate from this group. Gotta keep it real 🙂 That said, your tart looks absolutely divine. Once again I am sorry I did not add the pistachios after seeing others results because they do add a fun color, not to mention I am sure they tasted great. Lovely photos and you crust looks PERFECT. Now you have me wishing for more tart AND some brioche…..:)

  3. Oops didn’t notice that line either… But mine turned out well enough. I love how your red tart pan complements the color of the raspberries!

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