Nutella Buttons


These mini cupcakes or bouchees, “mouthfuls” in French, come with a surprise inside.  The cake is light and springy with the addition of whipped egg whites and the filling can be anything you like it to be…this recipe calls for Nutella centers.  I have never actually had Nutella, but my kids love it on bananas so I was thinking this will be a hit with them.

I was excited to try this one out…seemed easy enough and looked promising that everyone would enjoy them.  The only thing that took some time was making sure to set out the eggs in the morning so they could come to room temperature.  The batter comes together easy enough…somewhat different is that the base is more like a paste and then the whipped egg whites are folded in which is always disconcerting as you hear the air being pushed out.

So I was about at this point, just starting to put the first bit of batter into the cupcake liners when I could hear my oven turn off…EEK!  That has never happened.  I immediately think oh no the electricity went out but as I turn to see if the microwave clock is off as well, I see that it is on…OH NO, did my oven just die!!?  Why is it that my first thought was “I am so glad this didn’t happen on Thanksgiving”!!!  I went and turned on a couple of lights just to confirm that it was my oven and not the electricity and then hurriedly texted my mom and a couple of neighbors to see if I could borrow someone’s oven since I had Nutella Buttons ready to be baked.

Meanwhile I furiously finished filling the cupcakes with the nutella and final bit of batter on top and my mom had her oven pre-heating.

I went to open my garage door and the opener wouldn’t work!  Ok, now this is really getting weird…my oven and garage door opener don’t work but my lights are on????  I am like, now what?  My neighbor calls and asks me if I am having electricity problems….YES I am!  Turns out, later we find out we were experiencing a “low voltage” problem and our electricity was out for about 4 hours as they fixed the problem.  UGGH…but the silver lining, that I was SO happy about, was my oven was OK!! 🙂 🙂

I ended up having to start the batter all over again the next day…the second time was much easier I would have to say haha!  I definitely knew what I was doing and I have to say I was grateful these were delicious after all this trouble.  It would have been horrible if they didn’t taste good!



I decided to make three different topping to see what tasted best with the nutella centers.  I made a chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache (which didn’t turn out all that well…more like a glaze), and a dusting of powdered sugar. These are so pretty when they are finished and based on the reviews from my tasters, a keeper for sure!  One of my tasters said, “they were a bite of heaven”.  I have decided to make these a third time, call me crazy,  later this month as one of the desserts for my daughters college graduation party.  I have a feeling I will always remember the weird afternoon when I make these!!


9 thoughts on “Nutella Buttons

  1. So glad your oven didn’t die. I love that your first thought was to find another oven to use rather than going into a panic about your own oven. That’s a sign of a true baker!

  2. That is so frustrating when you are in the middle of cooking. Thankfully all turned out well and they certainly look delicious.

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