IMG_1856 So, in our email I saw the next recipe was Ka’kat…what is that??  I seriously thought, hmm not too sure about this one.   I looked in the cookbook and read up on Ka’kat.  Turns out it is an Eastern Mediterranean street food similar to soft American pretzels (but look like bagels)…now that got my interest!  Further reading showed me that it wasn’t an all day kind of bread either…one 1-2 hour rise and one 30 minute rise…not too bad. The recipe makes 32 of these 2-3 inch bread rings.  At first I was thinking I might want to halve the recipe, but I had a bible study luncheon the next day and figured I would bring whatever is left from my tasters. Pretty simple recipe for really great results:

  • Make the sponge
  • First rise, 1-2 hours
  • Shaping and second rise, 30 minutes
  • Brush with egg wash, sprinkle and bake

IMG_1848 The recipe calls for sprinkling sesame seeds on the rings.  I did half that way and the other half I sprinkled course salt…going with the soft American pretzel thought. IMG_1854 IMG_1855 These were absolutely amazing!  They made my house smell wonderful and they tasted GREAT!  I would say they were very similar to Auntie Anne’s pretzels here in the States.  Super good!  I am so glad I made half with the course salt.  That was my favorite! My parents enjoyed them…my Dad’s text… “The bread rings were a hit!  I should have grabbed a couple more!  Good job!”

These are a keeper!!, although best right out of the oven…and I am glad they make quite a few for the effort which always is a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Ka’kat

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed these! I thought about putting salt on them, but decided to follow the recipe. I wish I had used the coarse salt.

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