Limoncello Cupcakes


So Limoncello you say…ya, we don’t have any of that at our house but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from making these if I could help it.  I asked a few neighbors…they didn’t have it either.  I sent a text to my Sister-in-Law and what do you know…she not only had some, she bought it when she was in Italy!  SCORE!


These cupcakes, once you have the proper ingredients, are really easy to make with only three main steps. I might add, there is Limoncello in all three of those steps!

Prepare the batter and bake the cupcakes

Prepare the sugar syrup and soak the baked cupcakes

Make the butter frosting and frost the cupcakes.

I am not a huge frosting or cake fan but after all the trouble to get this Limoncello I had to try it, and my Sister-in-Law said it was really good.  I have to tell you, I licked the spoon when I was done with the frosting it was that good!!!  What a great sweet, lemony flavor…super intense.  In a way, it gets diluted down when you eat it on the cupcake. 🙂  I would say everyone “liked” the cupcakes but “LOVED” the frosting!!!  The frosting is a keeper!



16 thoughts on “Limoncello Cupcakes

  1. I did not have any limoncello so I sub with lemon juice, it is great too, but I am so gonna try it the next time with limoncello! And I totally agree with you, the frosting is a keeper! I am not one who likes to frost my cupcakes, most of the time I love eating them plain, but I am so glad I made this frosting! Yum!

  2. You did score on the limoncello! And I agree the frosting is a keeper ;). I think I’ll make these again with the rest of my Limoncello…it’s a perfect use for an after dinner drink that I’m not that crazy about all on it’s own!

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